Zumba® Insurance – Accident & Liability

We are proud to offer Zumba® fitness & wellness studio coverage for the small or large business owner as well as for the independent Zumba® instructor. With our dance studio insurance experience we are able to provide the care and coverage that your business deserves and expects! Zumba® insurance will protect you from the unknown and give you peace of mind.

While Zumba® Fitness dancing is great exercise and so much fun, accidents do happen when you least expect it; on the dance floor, on the sidewalk or in the locker room. Choosing the right protection for your participants and staff is very affordable. So affordable that you shouldn’t take the risk of being without it.

DanceStudioInsurance.com specializes in offering affordable and comprehensive Zumba® insurance designed to cover the inherent risks involved with offering or teaching dance classes:

  • Accident & Liability Insurance – covers you, as a dance teacher or dance studio, for accidental bodily injury or property damage incurred by your clients or visitors. For example, if one of your students falls and injures themselves at your yoga studio because of a slippery floor.
  • Participant Liability Insurance – in class or participating in a recital, your dance students, volunteers, staff and owners will be covered.
  • Property Damage Liability Insurance – Coverage arising from third party liability.
  • Professional Liability Insurance – covers you if a dissatisfied client claims negligence while providing dance instruction. For example, suggesting a technique or method causing injury or providing negligent advice or guidance.

At just $4.00 per student (minimum of $450 per year) our Zumba® insurance policies are affordable, have no deductible and are underwritten by an A-Rated Insurance Company to provide you with rock-solid comprehensive coverage. Our associates routinely work to effectively resolve claims against dance teachers and dance studios.

Thank you for your interest in Zumba® Insurance from Dance Studio Insurance.com. Please read the details or “fine print” of the policy. If you would like to speak with licensed agent about Zumba® Insurance or about any of the policy details, please call